About Us

Our mission is to be a trusted partner and a reference point for companies dealing with Information & Communication Technology (ICT) related issues, especially in the areas of big data, data/information management; business intelligence; architecture; and consulting services.

Who We Are ?

Each of our Managing Partners offers our customers years of management experience in the ICT industry. This enables us to understand our clients' business and their needs, leading to more competent, professional and relevant service delivery.

From inception, we realised we needed a lot more than just good intentions, good ethics and hard work to become the best in our field. We recognised our need for the most experienced people and a strong team process to create a business model of significant value to our clients. The proven skills of our consultants and the list of high flying companies each consultant has successfully consulted/worked for give us the advantage to shorten time to market. They are critical to our high level, IT world business relationships, impeccable research, unquestioned credibility in valuations, deep experience in strategic positioning and superior negotiation skills that we offer our clients.

We assist international clients facing new challenges related to their data. We are experts in dealing with rapidly changing and growing data. We also give our clients insight into unidentified and uncollected valuable data and information that will enable them scale up their productivity by optimizing their resources. All the energy from our professionalism is driven by the needs and problem definition of our clients.