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For several organisations, the story is the same; data amasses swiftly, comes in several formats, from several sources, at different times and required for different purposes. All the data in an organization is usually required by the business users at different times, in different places, presented in different ways and accessed via several methods. All these compel companies to obtain a solution for managing the business' information using reliable data management techniques.

Though a data warehouse solution is meant to be an affordable, cost effective solution that ensures all an organisation's information will be readily available to the relevant players in the organization in their respective specified formats, this is not always the case... more

Consultants in SoftSkan will support you to turn your data into actionable relics by helping you gain more insight into your data. We help you tie together the relationships between your structured (and sometimes unstructured) data to inform your decision making process.

This ensures that your customer related, financial management and regulatory/statutory compliance decisions are not made in a vacuum. SoftSkan understands that the different levels of decision making in an organisation require data in different forms and at different depths... more

Your project is meant to be a temporary effort that meets your goals within defined resource limits. Our consultants at SoftSkan will work with you to ensure that your project - small or big - does not end up as a white elephant project that keeps draining your resources without producing results. We'll put in our very best to ensure that the project doesn't consume more than the allocated resources while delivering your goals.

Right from the initiation through the planning, executing and closing phases of your project, we'll work with you to manage, monitor and put your project under control. Our PRINCE2 and/or PMP/CAPM certified consultants and/or our Agile project management specialists will work with you on your project to help you complete it within budget, and on time... more

SoftSkan is a business technology consultancy services provider. Our core service areas include but are not limited to, Business Intelligence (BI) systems development and maintenance; Data Warehouse (DW) development and maintenance; data migration services, project management, data and systems architecture development, database administration, information services and advisory consultancy services in the aforementioned areas.

Consultants in SoftSkan work with customers in all sectors and regions to identify their highest value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their businesses for the best... more

Big data has tremendous potentials to transform business processes, help us make more meaning out of the events around us, change our world and improve human subsistence, however, any company that will benefit from it will have to unravel Big Data's prospective capabilities while simultaneously minimizing the risks associated with the success of new technology implementation.

SoftSkan's Big Data services are here to help companies successfully include Big Data to their technology portfolio. We are also here to help you efficiently integrate all data types into your Big Data infrastructure at any scale without having to learn the details of Big Data. Here at SoftSkan... more