Analytics and Business Intelligence Services

Consultants in SoftSkan will support you to turn your data into actionable relics by helping you gain more insight into your data. We help you tie together the relationships between your structured (and sometimes unstructured) data to inform your decision making process. This ensures that your customer related, financial management and regulatory/statutory compliance decisions are not made in a vacuum.

SoftSkan understands that the different levels of decision making in an organisation require data in different forms and at different depths. We also recognise that at the same decision making level, different people might want to see different information presented to them in diverse ways.

These have prompted us to employ best practices in delivering leading-edge personalised information presentation solutions in the forms of reports (including management reports and drill-able reports), executive dashboards, analytical cubes, key performance indicators (KPIs), exception notification systems et cetera that enable our customers analyse, predict and keep track of information about their organisation's performance and their customers.

SoftSkan also realises that the performance optimisation/management within an organisation usually relies on decision-makers' ability to perceive and act timely on information required for decision making. This easily translates to the ability of such decision makers to understand and effectively measure performance.

Consultants in SoftSkan will help you build Analytics and BI systems that will help keep an eye on your company's operational performance and swiftly bring your attention to critical highlights. The BI systems we build will also help you foresee risks and opportunities whilst simultaneously helping you identify the obvious and non-obvious strengths and weaknesses of different parts of your organisation/business processes.

Another major highlight of the capabilities of the BI systems we build is that they'll bring your attention to predicted or actual frauds/threats, thereby enabling you proactively avert the destructive results of these frauds/threats

Asides effective information delivery mechanisms, SoftSkan helps you build solutions that ensure that you're more effectively able to:

  • Build profitable relationships with your customers
  • Change your organisation to a proactive decision making one
  • Optimise employee productivity at all levels
  • Proactively mitigate risks from available financial disasters or non-compliance to statutory regulations
We design and implement operational data stores, data marts, data warehouses and metadata management systems/processes that will give you accurate critical information that will not only enable you stay ahead of competition but also have strategic insights that are not available to your competitors.

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