Data Warehousing

For several organisations, the story is the same – data amasses swiftly, comes in several formats, from several sources, at different times and required for different purposes. All the data in an organization is usually required by the business users at different times, in different places, presented in different ways and accessed via several methods. All these compel companies to obtain a solution for managing the business' information using reliable data management techniques.

Though a data warehouse solution is meant to be an affordable, cost effective solution that ensures all an organisation's information will be readily available to the relevant players in the organization in their respective specified formats, this is not always the case.

Consultants in SoftSkan work with our customers to build data warehouse solutions that collate, process, test, quality assure and reproduce the customers' data wherever they need it, whenever, and in whatever format the data is needed. We are able to keep your data warehouses up and running 24/7/52 if required. We are able to build, deploy and then train your staff to manage the solution or if preferred, monitor and manage the systems on your behalf.

We build data warehouse solutions using up to the latest version of most leading industry technologies such as the Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) stack and the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) stack. We are also able to ensure that scheduled jobs are set up to keep the data warehouse updated from the operational data sources keeping the data latency within the Service Level Agreement (SLA) limits. SoftSkan's consultants ensure that all the solutions offered work efficiently to make the best use of the available resources (time and server resources). Our pool of highly experienced and industry certified consultants offers you a robust and comprehensive range of data warehouse solutions and services that ensure you get the optimal value from your investments.

We design and implement operational data stores, data marts, data warehouses and metadata management systems/processes that will give you accurate critical information that will not only enable you stay ahead of competition but also have strategic insights that are not available to your competitors.

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