IT/IS Consulting

SoftSkan is a business technology consultancy services provider. Our core service areas include but are not limited to, Business Intelligence (BI) systems development and maintenance; Data Warehouse (DW) development and maintenance; data migration services, project management, data and systems architecture development, database administration, information services and advisory consultancy services in the aforementioned areas.

Consultants in SoftSkan work with customers in all sectors and regions to identify their highest value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their businesses for the best.

SoftSkan's wealth of Information Technology (IT) and Information Services (IS) knowledge covers the world's major industries and the most critical business issues.

Our broad range of expertise and clean-slate approach to finding solutions have led us to develop new ideas that quickly become the standard. We think creatively and work with our customers to solve their toughest challenges. In all our service provision, we ensure that the defined needs of our customers drive our work because we realise that our services are only relevant if our customers are able to lean on our services for their buttom line growth, efficiency and effectiveness.

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