Our Committment to Quality

We understand that there is no second opportunity for first impression. As such, all our employees are committed to getting it right the first time when it comes to delivering world class quality service to our customers. We continuously achieve high levels of quality delivery by emphasizing a culture of continuous improvement for our employees and knowledge sharing through teamwork.

We go all-out to ensure that our customers not only enjoy the best service every step of the way but also do our utmost to ensure that all needs of our customers are delivered where, when and how each customer needs it delivered.

We ensure that for every engagement, while working to deliver the most cost effective solution, we do not lose focus of the quality trademark that characterizes our deliveries. We nurture strong relationships with our customers and the partners we work with to ensure that we create shared values for win-win deliveries. For every customer engagement, we always fulfil the contractual agreements between us and the respective customer in accordance with relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.

In the highly unlikely event that you believe we have been unssuccessful in meeting the standards specified in this commitment to quality page, we request that you kindly raise your concern with the SoftSKan delegate that worked with you. If after taking this step, you are not happy with the outcome or you consider the concern to be serious, please contact our quality team by writing a letter addressed to the "Head of Quality, SoftSkan Limited, 494 Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 2EA, United Kingdom" or e-mail qualityassurance@softskan.com We make efforts to respond within 5 working days to issues raised to us through the aforementioned means.

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